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​【HIROs LIED】Dance Theater Performance

"HIROs LIED," a dance theater piece about Dementia that premiered in 2021 during a pandemic will be performed again in Berlin in June!
Yumiko Yoshioka, a world-renowned butoh dancer, plays the role of Hiro, a mother who has dementia and lives with her daughter. Whether you missed the last premiere or want to see it again, we look forward to seeing you at theaterforum kreuzberg.


10.06.2023, Sa...20h

11.06.2023, So...17h


theaterforum kreuzberug​
(Eisenbahnstrasse 21, 10997 Berlin)


15€、12€ (for students and disabled person)




This work focuses on the daily life of Hiro, a mother with dementia, and her daughter. Yoriko Maeno reveals multiple perspectives about dementia and their families, the confusion of patients, the conflicts of caregivers, and even the bond between mother and child and the cycle of life. The piece will guide the audience to the labyrinth of the world of dementia, using not only dance but also theatrical dialogues, video projections, and various music and sound.



Direction, Choreography     Yoriko Maeno

Choreography, Dance              Yumiko Yoshioka, Asuka Julia Riedl

Music                                      Chikara Aoshima

Stage set                                    Mikako Kura

Production assistant           Zuzanna Marczak

Co-organizers                        Deutsch-Japanische Gesellschaft Berlin, Fachstelle für pflegende Angehörige,
                                                  Verein für kultursensible Pflege (DeJaK-Tomonokai) e.V.,

                                                  Zentrale Anlaufstelle Hospiz (ZAH)

funded by Senatsverwaltung für Wissenschaft, Gesundheit, Pflege und Gleichstellung

This performance is made possible through the joint sponsorship of the Dejak Association, which supports Japanese senior citizens living in Germany, the German-Japanese Society Berlin, Fachstelle für pflegende Angehörige (Diakonie Berlin-Stadtmitte), and Zentrale Anlaufstelle Hospiz (Unionhilfswerk). However, ticket revenues alone are insufficient to cover the necessary expenses, so your donations are so helpful to us. We sincerely ask for your generous support. This performance is a significant opportunity to share with our audience about immigrants, dementia, and aging in Berlin.
(We will issue a tax-deductible donation certificate to all donors, so please email us if you need one.)


DeJak-Tomonokai e.V. 

(Volksbank Bochum Witten)

IBAN: DE65 4306 0129 0362 4492 00

Note: Spende HIROs LIED

We kindly ask for

​360°Dance Film【AMA-Perlentaucherin】
Exhibition in the TOBA SEA-FOLKS MUSEUM

"AMA-Perlentaucherin," a 360° dance film produced during the pandemic, is exhibited at the art exhibition organized by the Sea-Folk Museum in Toba, Japan. You can enjoy the artistic world of Ama by 13 national and international artists in a tranquil gallery nestled in nature.




08.04.2023 - 25.06.2023



鳥羽市立 海の博物館 TOBA SEA-FOLK MUSEUM ~漁村と海女文化を伝える~ (


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