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CANARY is the first dance theater work of Yoriko. In 2010 she was selected as a up-coming choreographer to make this work and national tour in Japan.

It's about the daily life of the people living in a MEGA city like Tokyo, and the psychological  states of humans. The focus of this work is Loneliness, desires of the people in a big city, ignorance and addiction to the others. The contrast between the humanity and social and political system in that people are monitored, seems like a grotesque world of SF. 

Director,Choreographer : Yoriko Maeno

Dancer : Tomohiro Iizuka, Miku Ishida, Kee Hanyu, Yoriko Maeno

Assistant : Nozomi Matsuo

Stage design : Kee Hanyu, Yoriko Maeno

Video : Shinya Kobayashi, Meitei Yamada

Coproduce, funded by Japan Contemporary Dance Network

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