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The world-famous stone garden of Ryoanji Temple in Kyoto. This mysterious garden has attracted many researchers and artists since ancient times. Listening to it, people feel the Japanese aesthetics and sensibility that come from the philosophy of Buddhism and Zen. It is also a contemporary demand of people to sit in front of the garden and search for themselves inside and emancipate from struggling and stressing life full of distractions. The stone and its topography ask us who we are and how we want to live our lives. Maeno explored the relationship between nature and human culture and transformed it into a dance performance with 3 dancers, a stone instrument called Klangstein from Germany and a violin, and 3 video projections.



Concept, Choreography:  Yoriko Maeno

Creation, Dance:              Sakurako Awano, Marie Akashi, Eri Nichibara, Ichi Go 

Klangstein :                        Jürgen Maeno

Violine:                            Hoshiko Yamane

​Video Installation:            Yukikou Okura

Stage design, Costum:      Yoriko Maeno

​Production support:         Deutsche-Japanische Gesellschaft Berlin

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