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The world-famous stone garden of Ryoanji Temple in Kyoto. This mysterious garden has attracted many researchers and artists since ancient times. Hear people can feel Japanese aesthetic and sensibility, coming from philosophy of Buddhism and Zen. It is also a demand of the people in modern time to sit down in front of the garden and emancipate themselves.

Starting from this stone garden, the relationship between the nature and human body are transformed into dance performance by 3 dancers, a stone instrument Klangstein from Germany, and 3 video projection.



Concept, Choreography:Yoriko Maeno

Creation, Dance:Marie Akashi, Ichi Go, Yoriko Maeno

Klangstein : Jürgen Maeno

Violine:Hoshiko Yamane

​Video Installation:Yukikoh Okura

Stage design, Costum:Yoriko Maeno

​Production support:Deutsche-Japanische Gesellschaft Berlin

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