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After the Great earthquake 2011, the sociey of Japan has dramatically but invisibly changed. What is happening there?

A teenager girl who dreams about becoming a TV star, one gay boy who suffers from the social intolerant and pressure against LGBTQ, a woman who stays at home and won't go out because of depression, a tourist from Israel enjoying the sightseeing in Tokyo. 

This dancetheater describe the story in which those four come across and reveal the dark side of the Mega city, hidden in the deep of the surface.

Direction, Choreography:Yoriko Maeno

Creation, Dance:Aya Mishkelboim, Minako Matsuishi, Takushi Minagawa, Noriko Nishidate

Music:Takushi Minagawa

Stage design, Costume:Yoriko Maeno

Flyer design:Souzou Hiramatsu

Dokument video:Alicja Hoppel, Ian Clemmer

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