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Mizuki Tanaka is a painter who has brain disorder. This dance theater piece is focused on her strong  paints and her life and memories. With artists from dance, music, text reading and visual arts, the colorful and fantastic visions of Mizuki are realized on the stage.

The piece was performed in two cities in Japan. Especially the performance at a temple impressed the audience by the video projection and transformation of the room.


Direction, Choreography:      Yoriko Maeno

Choreography, Dance:          Emi Oyama, Nozomi Matsuo, Maya Yoshimura, Yoriko Maeno

Music:                                 Yuichi Nishikawa

Song:                                   Karen

Text reading:                        Asuka Nakamura

Harmonica:                          Yutaka Imaizumi

Stage design, Costume:         Yoriko Maeno

Sound technique:                  Takeshi Yonemura

Photo:                                  Koji Iijima

Produce:                              Non Profit Organization "From the Sea to  the Sea"

Produce in Niigata :              Social Welfare Juridical Person "Tourei-Kai"

「The situation of the performance at the local small temple was very unique. When the video installations were shown, I was taken into the mixture of past, present and future.」

(Tourei rinrin, No. 91, published by the Tourei Social Welfare Corporation)

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