TanzTangente Festival

This is an event of video projection in the courtyard of TanzTangente. Video and light make a fantastic space installation around the space between building and street.

date> 05.06 February 2021, 18-20h

place> TanzTangente Hof​                 

   Ahornstraße 24, 12163 Berlin

access> U-Bahn Schlossstraße (U9) · Rathaus Steglitz (S1)

Entrance free

You can stop by in the courtyard anytime you want in between 18h and 20h.

※Please take care about the Covid-19 rules.

TPAM, Perfoming Arts Meetings in Yokohama2021 Fringe

Now it is so hard to cross the borders internationally because of Covid-19, however with the help of digital technology, you can watch this work all around the world!

date> 10~14. February 2021

Vimeo on Demand  (The Link will come soon!)


TPAM website>

About "AMA-Perlentaucherin"

AMA, a woman diver, dives into the ocean and takes sea shells, without Aqua Lung.

This work focuses on the present and history of AMA culture, which exists since 3000 years ago. This culture are now harmed by ocean pollution and climate change.

"AMA-Perlentaucherin" addresses the relationship between Nature and Human and the joy of life with fluid movements, video installation and music by Thorsten, a german composer who works as a director of Tangerine Dream.


The performance in 2020 had been canceled due to Covid-19 pandemic, Yoriko decided to present it online as a 360° video work, enabling people to experience new sensations of dance, that can be only realized with digital technology.

Artistic direction, Choreography:     Yoriko Maeno
Dance, Choreography:                          Sakurako Awano, Mariko Koh, Aya Nakagawa
Music:                                                        Thorsten Quaeschning, Jürgen Maeno
Set design support:                                 Takaya Kobayashi
Video:                                                          Johannes Schuchardt, Yoriko Maeno,
Costume:                                                   Masayo Mogi
Visual and technical support:              Yukikou Okura

Supported by Bezirksamt Steglitz-Zehlendorf Fachbereich Kultur – Dezentrale Kulturarbeit, JaDe-Stiftung, Tanzpraxis Stipendium von Berlin Senate, TanzTangente Berlin

© 2019 Yoriko Maeno