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Since she was 14 years old, Yoriko learned classical ballet, Jazz dance, Contemporary Dance, Butoh and Improvisation. She studied at Ochanomizu University, receiving B.A and M.A. she worked as a dancer in various theaters and projects internationally.

Since 2008 she started to work as a independent choreographer of Dance theater. She presents her pieces in many cities in Japan, India and Germany. In 2013 she got a scholarship from Japanese government as a young artist, and stayed and worked in Berlin for one year. Since 2016 she lives and works there.
In 2019 she studied in a further training course for dance pedagogy, cooperated with Universität der Künste Berlin. She is now also working for social dance projects with children and seniors.
In 2021 she became a member of International Council of Dance (UNESCO).




Solo “MORTAL”  (Hiroshima)

Company Production “CANARY ~aspects of "S"~”  (Japan Tour)

Solo “Becoming to be a man”  (Yokohama BankART)


Company Production “The Dream of Brainwashing”  (Tokyo,Fukuoka)

Company Production “Rhapsody for Cannibalism” (Tokyo)

Company Production “Tanaka Mizuki’s World” (Tokyo)


Company Production “Tanaka Mizuki’s World” (Niigata)

Company Production “UTOPIA” (Tokyo)

Solo Performance (Berlin, Germamy)


Solo Performance (Berlin, Germany)

Solo "MORTAL" (Pune, India.) / AVAYAVA Contemporary Dance Festival

Solo Performance with Yuichi Nishikawa (New Delhi, India) / Japan Foundation

Company Production "TOKYO MANIA" (Berlin, Germany)


Company Production "Cage/ ASLAP" (Tokyo)


Company Production "Lullaby" (Tokyo, Babylon Dance Collection)...Audience Prise


Company Production "Ryoanji" (Berlin, Germany)

Social Dance Project "D14" (Berlin, Germany)


360° Dance Theater "AMA-Perlentaucherin" (Berlin, Germany)


2003-2005       Tokyo Disney Resort Dancer

2005                 Opera “CARMEN” (New National Theater)

2007-2011        Kagaya Kaori Dance-SHAN

2011                 Dance Movie “Die Verwandlung” (Director : Meitei Yamada)

2012                 My Sunshine (Director : Hiroshi Koike)

2013                 Comedy Movie Festival Opening Movie (Director : Chihiro Amano)

2015                 Duo Festival in South Korea (Choreographer : Kuang-Soku)

2016                 TANSIK (Berlin, Choreographer: Chizu Kimura)

2016                 Film "PANK OPERA" (Berlin, Director: Aneta Panek)

2017-2018        Sayonara TOKYO (Wintergarten Variete Berlin) 

2019                 Body in Urban place (Herrenhäusergarten in Hannover,

                         Choreographer : Willi Dorner) 

2019                 Objects (Choreographer : Nadja Raszewski)


2008                 Akita Modern Dance Conpetition “Akitakomachi Prize"

2013~2014       Japanese Government Overseas Study Program for Artists 

2018                 Tokyo Babylon Dance Collection, Audience Prise


2010                 Hachinohe Portable Museum Hacchi (Aomori)

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