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D14 is a social-dancetheater piece with 5 senior dancers. The Thema is Dementia. For the research of the work, Yoriko visited a daycare center for Dementia in Berlin.

This piece is a storytelling of a daycare center, memories of a childhood after 1945 in the ruins in Berlin. Hear on the stage, past becomes present, fantasy and memory melt with each other into the new reality.

Concept, Choreography:Yoriko Maeno

Performer:Eva Bondy, Anna Mockler, Petra Reichelt, Heidemarie Rohdewohld, Marion Wildenhayn, Marie Akashi

Video:Yukikoh Okura

Special Thanks:Andreas Rath, Stascha Musiol, Nadja Raszewski, Tagespflege die AUE, TanzTangente

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